Hollies Winston

Hollies Winston, has been privileged to have grown up in Minnesota, living the majority of his life in Minnesota’s northern suburbs.  He has lived in Brooklyn Park for 7 years.  In 2000 he earned a B.A in Political Science from Northwestern University.  He received his Masters in Business Administration, in 2013 from Carlson where he served as President of his class. From 2013 -2017, Hollies worked as an Implementation Manager at Express Scripts, a pharmaceutical benefits company, where he was responsible for managing and onboarding new client portfolios onto Express Script's platform while driving internal teams to meet client requirements. Prior to Carlson, he worked at Boston Scientific in Quality Assurance, following his earlier career in which he owned a fitness business that catered to a variety of clients - ranging from non-profits to individuals simply looking to improve their health.  Currently Hollies is the Chief Executive Officer of Ironwood Consult, LLC, a consulting firm dedicated to helping small businesses strengthen and improve their sales processes.

Throughout his life, Hollies has valued serving his community.  He recently finished out a three year term as Financial Resources Chair for the Heritage Park YMCA. Hollies is a long time, proud DFLer. In 2015, while volunteering for a local youth group “Voice of Youth,” Hollies and his wife, Latrice Winston, began a Youth/Outreach program with the DFL that provided outreach scholarships to youth for community canvassing and civics lessons. In 2016 the program introduced over 15 youth to local elected officials, who all gave those youth real world lessons in civics.

He currently serves as a commissioner on the Brooklyn Park Budget Advisory Committee (BAC), a commission tasked with “ ensur(ing) the long-term fiscal health of the City of Brooklyn Park by providing strategic direction to the (City) Council.” As a commissioner he spearheaded a new process to bring accountability and consistency to department budget reporting and has not shied away from asking difficult, but necessary questions.  In his capacity as BAC Commissioner, Hollies has also served as a Liaison to the Parks and Recreation Department.

Hollies is married to his wonderful wife, Latrice, and has 3 beautiful children; Tierney, Amir and Brianna.  He enjoys spending time with his family, working with youth and getting to the gym when there’s time.

Moving Brooklyn Park Forward Together

Growing & Supporting Local Brooklyn Park Businesses

  •  No longer mortgaging our future with Big Business Tax breaks, Instead investing in our future by supporting all of our local businesses.

  • Create a community center that reflects our community, including our elders, and that provides Brooklyn Park’s local businesses with opportunities for growth.

  • o   Connecting Brooklyn Park residents with great Brooklyn Park Jobs

Holding City Government Accountable and Providing Transparency

  • Reducing the growing tax burden on local residents, while diversifying our tax base so that citizens no longer carry such a heavy burden.

    • Over the last 6 years the city levy has increased by 30%, while the city tax rate has increased by 10%.  Yet  we are still struggling to fund basic public safety.

  •  Bringing Transparency to every level of City hall

  •  Stopping the budgetary bleeding, to make sure Brooklyn Park’s parks, water systems and public safety can keep pace with the growth of our city.

  • Leading with Respect; Holding City Council and the Mayor’s office responsible for how we treat our city staff and one another.

Providing the Leadership Brooklyn Park Deserves

    •  Utilizing Brooklyn Parks amazing local talent to move Brooklyn Park forward.

      •  Engaging our local commissions and citizen talent

    • Working directly with the community, not consultants, to create a comprehensive vision of our community that moves us forward and that everyone can understand.

    • Directly addressing Brooklyn Park’s looming budget cliff and the difficult decisions Brooklyn Park faces in our near future.

    • Leading our community, City Council, and Economic Development Department to develop a Brooklyn Park where we can work, play and safely raise our families.

    • Working with our elected official regardless of party, to bring Brooklyn Park’s share of quality jobs, local business support and youth resources to Brooklyn Park.