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My history was shaped by America's struggles and her incredible opportunities. Both are a part of the complex American story.

My grandparents moved to Chicago from the Jim Crow South to escape the poverty and terror of the region. With a fierce work ethic, an entrepreneurial spirit and with faith, my grandparents gave my parents opportunities for success that were only a dream a generation before.


My parents continued to push our family forward; they moved to Minnesota and passed on their legacy of hard work and unshakable belief in family and God. They also passed down a mandate to give back and help others. It's a legacy that has shaped my life.

In 2000 I got my B.A in Political Science from Northwestern University (Evanston, IL). I went on to earn a Masters in Business Administration in 2013 from the Carlson School of Management where I served as class president. After graduation, I worked at several Fortune 500 companies in management and project management roles before launching my own company, Guaranteed America. As CEO and owner, I work to support minority-owned businesses and other small businesses; we recently helped a client create a $17M fund for veteran-, BIPOC- and women-owned businesses. I also serve as chair of Couples Connecting Community, a nonprofit dedicated to celebrating and strengthening healthy African American families.

Some of my volunteer work includes two terms of service on the Brooklyn Park Budget Advisory Committee (BAC), a commission tasked with “ensuring the long-term fiscal health of the City of Brooklyn Park by providing strategic direction to the City Council.” In this role, I spearheaded a crucial new program to bring accountability and consistency to department budget reporting. I also volunteer with Brooklyn Park youth to get them engaged and active in civic issues. I was appointed as a board member to the Council for Minnesotans of African Heritage, which advises Gov. Tim Walz and the legislature on issues that affect the African Heritage community.

​My amazing wife, Latrice Winston, and I have been together 18 years. We have three beautiful children: Tierney (17), Amir (16) and Brianna (6). I currently attend Seminary school at United Theological Seminary, and my greatest goal is to bring value-driven leadership to our systems of governance. I am passionate about creating coalitions to advance shared missions and move important conversations forward. Brooklyn Park deserves a leader who can leverage all of our strengths and all of our communities so we can create a thriving future together. 

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A Word from Latrice

Hollies and I met while both attending the University of Minnesota in 2002. I knew right away he was a family man with a strong sense of right and wrong, and he has never wavered in this. As the person who knows Hollies the best, I can say with certainty that I want him as my mayor, and that he approaches all that he does with integrity, compassion, patience, and broad-mindedness. His ability to survey and consider the facts, and make decisions from a place of wisdom—instead of a place of fear or reactivity—are all part of why I believe he is ready to govern and bring our city together.


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